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Help Center > 24-hours Reply System

1. Create an account
2. Validate your email (not applicable to facebook users)
3. Login > Help Center > Ask

Average response* time for:
o Game-related questions is 6-12 hours
o Payment related questions is 1 business days

Private Message to Admin/Guide

You can also opt to send a PM (Private Message) to an admin/guide in which the admin/guide will personally correspond with you.

Average response* time: instant if the admin/guide is online

Email >

Average response* time is 1-2 weeks

We get a zillion spam & virus per day, therefore there is a high chance your email may be lost, tag as spam, or your email provider may tag our email as spam. To contact us via email please perform the following steps:

1. Add into your address book
2. Clear your junk-mail box
3. Append `sfclean:` to the subject when sending your email, ex: `sfclean: your-subject`. Please enter appropriate subject on what your problem is related to
4. Remember to include: which game you are on, your game account details, a long detailed description of your problem (or why you are contacting us, or how can we help you), reference number (for payment related), date & time of problem, and as much other related details as possible. Lack of information will delay our response.
5. Remember to check your junk-mail box if you cant find any response in your inbox.
6. If you do not receive any response within 1 week, this could possibly mean your email is lost so please re-send your email to us again

Note* average = could be faster or slower than the time stated

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