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The following is rightfully own by, you are given the right to use or reproduce this content only it is on a non-profit & non-commercial fansite of our game.

1. All game content found in this website here, for example; storyline, theme, game design, game characters, artwork/graphics/user interface
2. All content found in all advertising mediums mediums found in this website or on other websites, for example theme, artwork/graphics/music/sound

If you wish to use any content found in please contact us* , we offer licensing packages.


All copyrights on our game to our best of knowledge has been licensed by their respective owners. Since most (if not all) of our content has been contributed by our players therefore if there should be any copyright infringements please contact us* and we will remove the infringements contents from our games within a reasonable timeframe.

Also because the content does not come from us therefore we will not be in anyway held liable or responsible for such infringements if they should occur.

We also do not hate a proper logging or system to keep track of who contribute what content as a number of contribution comes from various sources which ranges (not limited to) from Skype, email, forums, our in-game online-chat, private messages, IRC and others.

Copyright for our Game > Unification Wars

Morningdew Media
In-game musical piece: Space ambience trance, Curling Wave, SM Menu

Close Encounters (Todd Haberman) , Dawn Mist (D.DiFonzo, Scott P. Schreer) , Drifting (Paul Andrews) , Electro Pastoral (Christian Montalbano) , Evolution Ether (Christian Montalbano) , Eye Spy (Todd Haberman) , Farewell (Dimitrios Hatzisavas) , From The Heavens (Pete Calandra, Scott P. Schreer) , Higher Planes (Christian Montalbano) , Intrepid Traveler (Pete Calandra) , Mode (Felix Miklik) , Nude In The Mood (Ralph Schuckett) , Paralyze (Greg Smith) , Psychosirrus (Greg Smith) , Seduce Me (Ralph Schuckett) , Slowly Surrender (Christian Montalbano) , Smooth (Greg Smith) , Steadfast (Dimitrios Hatzisavas) , The Fortuneteller (Dimitrios Hatzisavas)
Content thanks to: Guardian missions Act 2-4 (Chris Wong Sick Hong)

*Contating us

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