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Email spam

We no longer send newsletter or email to our members with the exception of:
o Lost password
o Email validation

Therefore (with the above exceptions) you should not receive any email from us.
In the event someone is mis-using your email click on the email that says `someone is mis-using my email` and our system will auto-ban your email.

Things you should know:
o We would strongly suggest that you do not enter your login & password after clicking on any links in any emails supposedly sent by us. Manually type in the address in your web browser to be 100% certain prior to entering your login details.
o We will never request for your login details (login + password) via email
o We will never ask you to buy anything via email

In-Game spam

Applicable if someone is spamming your Private Message, forum thread that you have started & online chat

Please report by: Help Center > Ask

Remember to include as much detail as possible that should include: who is spamming you, where (PM, forum, etc) a copy of the link (copy & paste the http/URL), a sample of the spam, exact date & time of the spam (check server date time, if you are posting your date please include your timezone ex: -8 GMT)

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