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The year is 3800 A.D. The great universal war has come to an end; or more accurately speaking, the war died out as the universe`s population dwindled. It had been a long war, with hatred and a desire for revenge adding fuel to the everlasting fire. For many centuries, the war dragged on , but finally several small countries have decided to develop their colonies rather than take part in the never-ending cycle of destruction. Our colony is one of those devastated by the war but is seeking a new beginning. You, my dear pupil, is to lead this colony to prosperity and glory and continue the legacy of your late father.

But first, I must educate you on the history of this evil war. In the year 2,532 humans discovered the first habitable planet other than earth, which they dubbed New Eden. This discovery was to spark a chain of events which none could have foreseen, for unknown to man, there were a different species of intelligent life form living on this planet, the Viral 106. The Terrans colonized this planet and by the year 2,773 they developed the warp engine and portals which allowed fast travel between planets and aided exploration.

The Terrans` first encounter with intelligent life forms was in the year 3,053 were the peaceful Asphalt Miners. Some human explorers discovered an unusual mining vessel crashed on one of the asteroids where they were exploring. They attempted to rescue the crew of this vessel but were too late; the dead bodies were brought back to Earth where the humans discovered these were life forms completely different from humans. Investigations were carried out and disturbing rumors began to float that this mining vessel crashing on the asteroid was no accident; it was shot down.

When the Asphalt Miners lost their vessel, they sent search parties for this missing ship, for one of their leaders were on board the mining vessel that was shot down. Their probes located the missing ship and reported heavy activity around the crash site. Understandably they believed the Terrans to be the culprit. The Miners then planned revenge and started espionage activities against the Terrans.

In the year 3,079 The Terrans were attacked and surprised by these Miners and their outpost fortifications were destroyed. Meanwhile, the Collective Race which has been hiding in the shadows and was the true culprit behind the destruction of the mining vessel launched an attack on Earth itself in an attempt to assimilate their technology and recover the dead bodies of the Aspha Miners in order to use their bodies to create even better cyborg soldiers. The Terrans were greatly surprised but they had taken some measures in case hostile intelligence were near them. The Terrans bravely fought back and the war continued for many years.

The Terrans had miraculously held off for all these years. A stroke of fortune allowed the Terrans to wipe out the Miner`s technological and scientific centre: Reesa, and destroy much of the Miner`s technology. The Terrans, taking advantage of the fact the Miner`s could no longer create advanced warships, sent a fleet to launch an attack on the Miner capital when they received a distress call from New Eden, but parts of the news were missing and the Human Intelligence Centre could only find out that New Eden was in some sort of trouble. The fleet sent to occupy the Miner Capital was recalled to New Eden but they never reached it, for it was ambushed and destroyed by a new race which entered the war; the Marauders. The Marauders were so called as they pillaged colonies without distinction of race and wreaked havoc wherever they went.

The Terrans drew back their forces to Earth but the entire Terran Empire was shocked and dismayed when a fleet from New Eden which at first seemed like reinforcements, started firing on Earth`s defenses. Earth was destroyed in 3,473 A.D. and the Terrans were scattered everywhere. New Eden was now the home of a new race; the Viral 106. Initially they lied dormant but slowly and steadily these creatures wrapped onto human hosts and eventually learned to control them. These Virals, hungry for power, attacked and destroyed Earth itself.

For three hundred more years wars were fought among the remnants of various races and each took heavy casualties and each lost much technology and all were scattered. The battles fought among the various races gradually subsided as each faction lost power and the ability to fight. All wars ceased on the year 3,757.

Now, in the year 3,800 A.D. you are to take control of this colony and reunite our people. Long have we been scattered and powerless but the time has come for us to regain our strength. We may have received heavy casualties in the past but now you are to write us a new history... let it be one of victory! The War of the Races have ended. The Unification Wars have begun!

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